Our Philosophy

The Cheddar Chocolate Company philosophy is simple: supply an excellent quality product at a reasonable price.

A family run firm, the Cheddar Chocolate Company has the perfect combination of family values and commitment to supplying the best quality chocolate and confectionary at a sensible price.

We follow strict rules of what will and will not go into our products and we will only use the best natural flavouring in our chocolate and sweets.

All our chocolates are handmade on the premises, ensuring continuous high quality products.

We value our current customer base of wholesalers and the restaurant trade and now want to extend our product range to the general public.

We are fiercely proud and protective of our reputation but always open to new and interesting ideas. So whilst we think we have an extensive range of products to choose from, we welcome feedback and comments from customers.

A final word from one of the founders and Sales Manager, Dean Sweet:

“One of the reasons for our continued success is our insistence on using only the finest of British ingredients and natural flavours. We took a long time to agree the right combination of ingredients with our refinery and we think our chocolate is the best British chocolate you can buy.”


Thank you so much for showing us around your company, the boys were amazed at what goes in to making chocolate. How it is packaged was fascinating to watch.

We really enjoyed the day, especially tasting!

Susan Withers, The Bridgewater Centre